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Well that was a heck of a day wasn’t it? You would never have guessed how much work went into photographing a house for a Garden and Gun centerfold. A full two-page spread in one of the South’s most prestigious magazines. Your house on thousands of coffee tables across the Lowcountry.

It still feels like a bit of a dream but that really happened. You are 100% sure of that because the buzz of activity from the small army that staged your home for it’s shining moment is still lingering in the air. You can still hear the click of the cameras and the excited voices when the dining room was finally setup just right. And now as you finally have a second to breathe, you curl up on the couch with your family and look around still not really believing that you live here.

Go on, show off a little

Whether you want your home to be featured in a glossy magazine or prefer to share it’s style and character only with your loved ones, our goal at Salt Marsh Contracting is to give you the feeling that your home is something to be admired. We don’t just build homes, we build an extension of you.  Anyone who comes inside will know exactly what you and your family are all about.

How we build your dream home one cast at a time

Salt Marsh Contracting's founders have been friends since childhood

A young Pate and Blake taking a break from fishing

Growing up Blake and I lived just down the street from each other. At a pretty young age we developed this daily after school ritual ritual: Get home, grab your fishing rod, and sprint down to the little neighborhood pond. We’d spend the next few hours together coaxing brim and bass out from their comfort zones before we’d hear our moms calling us home. It was magic.

Twenty years later, Blake and I still have a similar ritual. But now instead of teasing a fish out of the weeds we’re fishing for that “aha!” moment when we get that kitchen design exactly how you had imagined it.

We know from experience that you rarely catch a fish on the first cast. Instead you have to cast a line and read the fish’s actions. At Salt Marsh Contracting we’ve replaced our rods with years of experience building houses and building relationships but the process is just the same. From the first phone call all the way to the “oh my god, that’s perfect” we’ll work with you to get your home centerfold ready.

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On behalf of my co-founder Blake and myself, thanks so much for reading our story.


Pate Dominick, Co-founder and President

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