Commercial Construction

We aren’t all about homes here at Salt Marsh. In fact, our team of builders and contractors loves helping out local Charleston businesses with their commercial construction projects. We’ll match your businesses’ needs with a design and layout that is functional and stylish to keep your customers and clients filing through the door.

Office Construction

Office build - Commercial Construction - Charleston, SCYou probably spend more time in your office than you do at home so it’s important to have an office that breeds creativity. And while style is important, offices come with some challenges that most commercial construction projects don’t have. First, you’re likely to need power. Lots of power. Our electrical team will help you lay out a plan to keep everyone connected and productive. The next concern is space. We’ll help you plan your office for the team you have now and the team that you will have five years from now.

Retail Construction

Retail Commercial Construction - Mt. Pleasant, SCIf you run a business that sells things you need a space to show those things off. We’ll work with you to build a space that accents your products and not only gets customers through the door but keeps them there. Our team has experience building custom shelving, countertops, and industry specific features like fitting rooms and display cases. If you have a retail business let us help you with your next store build.

Restaurant Construction

Restaurant Construction - Charleston, SCWe sometimes joke with our residential clients that you could run a restaurant out of one of our home kitchens. While we are really proud of our home kitchens we know that to run a professional restaurant you need more than just a fancy stove and some counter space. Before your next restaurant build sit down with us and we’ll help you plan out the perfect space for a bunch of Charleston foodies to get together.

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