Custom Bathrooms

Let’s face it, sometimes you just need to close a door and clear your head. Whether that means a steamy shower or a long soak in the tub our custom bathrooms will be your little oasis. Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone. Our team of designers and builders know how important a functional and stylish bathroom is to your home. We’ll work with you to get create a perfect mix of material, color, and layout so your bathrooms are places to show off.

Custom showers and baths

One of our custom bathrooms in Mt. Pleasant

That shower though…

There’s a reason it’s not called a “toilet room”. The centerpiece of every one of our custom bathrooms is the bath itself. Whether that means a rainfall-style shower with custom tiling or a traditional claw foot bathtub, we know you’ll be spending a lot of time in it. That means we’ll be spending a lot of time making sure you fall in love with the end result.

Bathrooms sinks, vanities, and countertops

A his/hers sink in one of our custom bathrooms

Which sink is yours?

The bathroom sink is where a lot of heart to hearts with yourself tend to take place. If you are going to be pondering life while peering back at yourself you might as well do it in style. We’ll help you design and build a custom vanity that will get your days started with a bang. In the custom bathrooms we’ve built we’ve installed all different types of countertops and sink variations. Want some privacy with a his/hers dual-sink setup? We’ve got you covered. Want to get all zen with an infinity pool style sink? We can do that too. Whatever your dream bathroom looks like we can make it a reality.


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