Custom Kitchens

All custom kitchens need a custom countertop like this one in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Plenty of room to operate in this Mt. Pleasant kitchen

We build custom kitchens with one goal: bring your family together in the most important room in the house. Whether it’s Thanksgiving day in Charleston or just a random Tuesday night, let the laughs flow like a good bottle of wine and your relationships grow like a loaf of bread rising. Our designers and contractors know what it takes to build you a kitchen worthy of a magazine photo shoot.

Countertop installation

In the kitchen workspace is crucial. Let’s face it, Charleston classics like Frogmore stew can take up some countertop real estate. That means the type of countertop you use in your kitchen can have a big impact on how much space you have and how easy it is to keep that space clean (you did remember the newspaper for your shrimp boil right?). We’ll help you choose the perfect material and install a custom fitting countertop that will give you room to operate. We have experience with all types of countertops including:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Wood
  • Metal

The kitchen backsplash: the pulse of a good kitchen

Colorful kitchen backsplash

The real personality of a kitchen comes out with its backsplash

One of the best ways to make a big splash (zing!) with your custom kitchen is a stylish and functional backsplash that brings the kitchen together. Your kitchen’s backsplash isn’t only for making cleanup easier.  In our opinion, its primary function is to show off the personality of your kitchen and your home. It’s like a colorful pair of dress socks or that perfect piece of jewelry that ties everything else together. Our designers will work with you to pick the materials, patterns, and colors that will be the lifeblood of your new kitchen.

Custom kitchen cabinets for the win

Classic white kitchen cabinets make regular appearances in our custom kitchens - Mt. Pleasant, SC

Classic white kitchen cabinets in a Mt. Pleasant town home

Now we’re getting serious. Ask any good contractor what the hardest part of a kitchen remodel is and they’ll undoubtedly tell you it’s the cabinets. There’s style to consider of course but you also need to be able to fit all of your stuff. Should you buy prefab or have custom cabinets built?  Base, wall, or tall?  Should you go with the traditional cabinets or trendy open shelving?  Let our designer and contractor help you answer all of these questions and more. Don’t worry we’ll make it easy.


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