Custom Exteriors

We pride ourselves in designing and building custom exteriors that will have passer-bys oohing and aahing at your family’s home. If you’ve ever spent any time watching all of those home improvement shows on television you know how much importance the pros place on “curb appeal”. That’s what we do: we take the character and charm of the inside of your home and make it sprawl to each corner of your lot.

Deck builders with a passion for the outdoors

Handy work by our team of deck builders

One of our custom decks pre-stain.

When the weather is nice almost everything you can do inside your house is more fun when you step through the sliding glass doors onto a beautifully stained deck. We know because not only do we spend a lot of time building decks, but we spend a lot of time relaxing on them as well. Invite your friends over for a barbeque, make some fresh cocktails, and drag the T.V. out so you can watch the game outside. You live in Charleston for a reason, get outdoors and enjoy the Carolina blue skies.

Window installation and custom exteriors

Custom Exteriors - Windows and Siding

One of our beautiful custom exteriors in Mt. Pleasant

Not only do high-quality windows look good, they make your home more energy efficient and protect it from bad weather. Whether you want tried and true storm windows or state of the art “green” windows we’ll work with you to get the right windows purchased and installed. In addition to our window installation services, we can help protect and improve the outside of your house with custom siding. We can install wood siding, vinyl siding, metal siding, or just about any other kind of custom exterior siding you choose.

Wooden Shutters – the Charleston way

Charleston wooden shutters on a Mt. Pleasant home

Traditional Charleston shutters with a palmetto tree to prove it!

Wood shutters are kind of a Charleston thing. Whether you live downtown on the Peninsula, over here in Mt. Pleasant, or one of the islands you’d be doing your home a disservice by not embracing the history and tradition of painted wooden shutters outlining your home’s windows. Not only do they give a dramatic effect (and skyrocket that curb appeal!) but they can be invaluable come storm season.

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