Roof construction and repair

New roof construction is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Good news:  installing roofs is one of our specialties here at Salt Marsh Contracting and we’d love to help you increase the value and safety of your Charleston area home.

When do you need a new roof?

Sometimes it’s obvious when your roof needs to be replaced. If you are missing a significant amount of shingles or they are starting to curl up it might be time to start doing some research.

Angie’s List states that a good asphalt roof should last for 20-25 years. We agree with that number but a number of other factors can lengthen or shorten the time until your next roof construction. Here’s a great video that walks you through some of the most common roof problems:


How much should new roof construction cost?

The cost of a new roof depends on the size (in square feet) and type of roofing you want to install. Other factors will come into play as well but in general, you can expect to pay from $275 – $350 installed per square for a standard asphalt shingle roof. 

How do you measure your roof’s square footage?

To estimate the cost of your new roof construction you’ll need to figure out the square footage of your roof. Unfortunately, this isn’t the same as the square footage of the interior of your house because you have to take into account the pitch of the roof and overhang. Of course, if you contact us we’ll get an exact measurement for you but if you want to do it yourself follow these steps for a quick ball park estimate of your roof’s size:

Please note: These steps will are only designed to give you a ballpark figure. You or your contractor should do proper measurements before purchasing materials.

Step #1: Measure the base length and width of your roof

The first thing we need is the length and width of the base (bottom) of your roof. This is the same basic area calculation that you did time and time again in grade school. If you’ve got a tape measure long enough grab a family member or a neighbor and stand at the corners of your roof to measure length and width.

Roof Construction - Calculating Roof Size

Step #2: Estimate the pitch of your roof

There are a handful of different ways to calculate the exact pitch of your roof but we find it’s better just to eyeball it for a quick ball park figure. When we give you a quote we’ll perform the exact measurement but getting close will give you a feel for the size and cost before we get to your house for the measurements. Stand on the side of the house and compare the slope of your roof to the images below:

Roof Construction Pitch Chart

Click for a full-size image.

Step #3: Calculate the estimated square footage and roof construction cost

Now plug those three numbers (base length, base width, roof pitch) into the calculator below to estimate the square footage and the cost of a new roof for your house:

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