About Us

Who are the Salt Marsh Contracting Contractors?

Salt Marsh Contracting was founded in 2015 by Charleston natives Blake Bailey and Pate Dominick. Since day one, we have made it our mission to break the mold of the unreliable, non communicative, and always over budget contractor. With that mission our team has grown to 8 full time employees and added a new business partner, Corey Frazier, our college friend and project manager for Salt Marsh Contracting.

At Salt Marsh Contracting our clients get excellent project management with clear communication, a detailed and accurate estimate of construction costs, and excellent onsite management geared towards quality, efficiency, and schedule. Bringing your project in on time and on budget, with the utmost quality, is our goal and we will not settle until that goal is met.

- Pate Dominick - Managing Partner

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